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Who We Are

The Druze, who call themselves al-Muwaḥḥidūn, are an Arab and Arabic-speaking esoteric ethnoreligious group from Western Asia who adhere to the Druze faith, an Abrahamic, monotheistic, syncretic, and ethnic religion whose main tenets are the unity of God and the belief in reincarnation and the eternity of the soul.

Australia: 4,268  Canada: 25,000   Jordan: 20,000

Lebanon: 250,000 Syria: 600,000     

United States: 50,000  Venezuela: 60,000

Our vision

Druze identity is defined by family values and traditions that engulf and reflect the teachings of the Tawheed faith. As a Druze organization in the United states, the ADS is bringing its Druze members together to share and preserve their faith, values, heritage, and culture. The principles of the Tawheed Druze faith are based on the Oneness of God and from this base come the seven tenets that every Druze is obligated to honor. Core principles of our faith, especially truthfulness, safeguarding of our brethren, and the belief in One God make us all brothers and sisters in faith. That creates a strong, and solid sense of unity and belonging for our members.

It is the Druze common goal to be united wherever we are regardless of borders, or national origin.


No challenge is too bigThe Druze Society has donated over 2.5 million dollars to charitable organizations. We work to promote peace, and well-being for all.

WE transform Communities 

We take action locally and globally

With our 25 chapters we make a difference locally and globally through a philosophy of peace and service, we offer a feeling of belonging while we work to better our communities.


The American Druze Society unites over 2000 people.  Members gather from all across the globe with their unique cultures and ideas to make share in kinship, friendship, and professional connections.

Our Mission

The main mission of the organization was and still is to bring Druze families in our new and adopted land closer to each other in order to sustain the Druze identity, faith, culture and history.

Donation goal

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Goal: $1,000,000.00
Collected: $19,779.75

American Druze Society is a 501(c) non-profit organization. 

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1 (855) 55 DRUZE
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P. O. Box 261 Weymouth  MA, 02190

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